Energy Therapist, Reiki Master, Author

“Be greater than the conditions

in your environment...

be greater than the emotional habits

and addictions of the body.”

~Dr. Joe Dispenza, DC, neuroscientist

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Energy Therapist / Coach

With the wisdom of 25 years of working one-on-one with clients, Lisa has developed a unique blend of energy therapy that relaxes and encourages the body to release stress: combined with the coaching of energy psychology tools to enable individuals to be better prepared to manage the process of life. There is a focus on the brain and how to navigate through the "old brain" into the more productive pre-frontal cortex. A sense of empowerment emerges, and command of your feelings and relationships shifts. We make sense of the past and create new space for growth in the safety of a close and non-judgemental relationship.

Business Coach

Utilizing energy psychology tools, Lisa provides coaching for creating success and reaching your potential in your business by gaining clarity on your business vision and finding a direct path to your goals.

Reiki Teacher / Mentor

Lisa offers coaching and teaching to practitioners on integrating Reiki into their lives and businesses. Lisa has attuned hundreds of individuals and offers a mentoring/apprenticeship paradigm for attuning students to Reiki's first and second degrees. Additionally, she mentors individuals to be confident and developmentally sound individuals ready to become Reiki Masters.

“With Lisa’s guidance, I could recognize how I had been operating my life from a place of survival wiring. We worked with tools and techniques for intercepting the wiring to catch, pause, and RELEASE! I now thrive in a life of freedom and joy.”

 — K.S.