Energy Therapist, Reiki Master, Author


Lisa W. Lee

Creating the Foundation

Lisa W. Lee has pursued a lifelong passion for health—emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in education from Michigan State University in 1982.

She finds holding the space for clients on a quest for wellness fascinating as they navigate the labyrinth of pain and growth. It is both liberating and rewarding!

When Lisa began Reiki's ancient Japanese energy technique 24 years ago, it opened her up to the awareness of the depth and mystery of being human. Connecting with life force energy creates an opening for healing, progress, and understanding. Reiki became the access point for her to a higher frequency when working with clients to facilitate the capacity for healing. She coaches from the point of expanded awareness.

As Brain Science Evolved,

So Has Therapy

Brain research, neurology, biophysics, MRI, and epigenetics have exploded in the last decade. It has taught us much about our internal wiring and brain/body connection work.

We now have an opening for tending to our physiology and mind in a way that gives us access to changing our patterns of being linked to survival. Being more than rudimentary practice, intercepting our mental and physical programming is an opportunity for change.

The client looks at life through a particular lens driven by survival, childhood experiences, and brain patterning. It is challenging to "see and experience life from a new perspective." Our thoughts and programming need to disrupt and realize a new way of living. Teaching tools for living, navigating, and going beyond our rote way of relating to the world becomes the paradigm for healing.

Coaching provides the tools, techniques, and support to allow liberation.

Author, Gift Letters: Writing to Family and Friends

Have you given thought to the legacy you will leave behind?

Do your family and friends know how much you cherish them?

Writing a gift letter starts with wanting to tell someone how much you value them. This step-by-step workbook offers a simple way to create a lasting gift. Your loved ones will feel affirmed by a treasured letter that will appreciate over time.

You may purchase a copy of Lisa's book, Gift Letters: Writing to Family and Friends, directly from the co-author [email protected]