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Lisa W. Lee

Transformational Coaching


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Energy Coach / Therapist

Energy Coach/Therapist

With the wisdom of 20 years of working one-on-one with clients, Lisa has developed a unique blend of energy therapy that relaxes and encourages the body to release stress: combined with the coaching of energy psychology tools to enable individuals to be better prepared to manage the process of life.

There is a focus on the brain and how to navigate through the "old brain" into the more productive pre-frontal cortex. A sense of empowerment emerges, and command of your feelings and relationships shift. We make sense of the past and create new space for growth in the safety of a close and non-judgemental relationship.

Lisa works with clients in person and by phone. 

Divorce Coach

Divorce Coach

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The process of getting divorced is both legal and emotional. Attorneys are hired to move people through the legal aspect of a divorce. Lisa keeps individuals focused on the legal process by supporting and acknowledging the emotional complexity and changes that occur during the process of becoming divorced. She utilizes energy psychology tools that help encourage proper boundaries and clear communication; this helps to diffuse emotionally charged situations and promotes emotional and physical health.

Reiki Teacher/Mentor

Reiki Teacher/Mentor

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Lisa has attuned hundreds of individuals and offers a mentoring/apprenticeship paradigm for attuning students to the first and second degrees of Reiki. Additionally, she mentors individuals to be confident and developmentally sound individuals that are ready to become Reiki Masters. Lisa offers coaching and teaching to practitioners on the integration of Reiki into their lives and businesses.

Facilities Opportunities

Facilities Opportunities

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Lisa W. Lee owns and operates International Wellness Partners, a collaborative environment for independent wellness professionals. If you are looking to rent space for an event, yoga or meditation class, counseling or complementary wellness practices call Lisa directly at (616) 566-1972

Gift Letters: Writing to Family and Friends

Author, Gift Letters: Writing to Family and Friends

Legacy Love Letters

The process of writing a gift letter starts with the desire to tell someone how much you value them. This step by step workbook offers a simple way to create a lasting gift. Your loved ones will feel affirmed by a treasured letter that will appreciate over time.

You may purchase a copy of Lisa's book, Gift Letters: Writing to Family and Friends directly from the co-author, [email protected]

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It's all a matter of becoming who you already are.

— Richard Rohr