International Wellness Partners

Spring Lake Michigan


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International Wellness Partners is in the beautiful town of Spring Lake, nestled between the Grand River, Spring Lake, and Lake Michigan. In the 1800's this area was known for having mineral springs and spas. People traveled from Chicago and beyond to stay in the elegant and beautiful hotels built along our sandy shores. Today we carry on this tradition of attracting people to our area by offering globally renowned holistic forms of healthcare.

We believe that the utilization of Western and Eastern modalities gives individuals more choices in managing their health and wellness. The MRI and advances in research are showing that some of the oldest forms of healthcare in China, Japan, and India have components when used with Western Medicine can enhance our health. Hospitals and corporations are taking note of the effects of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and modalities that their employees can utilize to reduce stress, manage weight, and reduce the cost of health care.

As the founder of International Wellness Partners, I bring my 22 years of practicing Reiki combined with my Fortune 500 corporate experience as a buyer for Macy's. Our vision going forward is to be a resource for our community for individuals as well as corporations in teaching and providing services directly to enhance wellness.

As a group of practitioners, we are committed to advancing the knowledge of internationally influenced healthcare systems in a professional and approachable manner. We live and work in this area, we support our local farmers, grow our own food, buy and support locally, and are passionate teachers in the realm of wellness and health. Please join us and begin the journey of wellness today! We want to partner with you!

Lisa W. Lee, Proprietor

International Wellness Partners